KGM Winter (Online)

Teacher Vita
Online (location info)
Wednesday, 10:00 AM
Start Date: 1/13-3/17
Duration: 30 mins
End Date: ( 30 mins )

All KGM weekly winter curriculum and lesson plan are the same.

Just limited the lnteraction so parents and child could focus on the straight leaning. 

That's why the class duration is shorter.

This class is 90% Mandarin and 10 % English support included key word and explain some actions which might hard for parent to understand. 


Zoom link will email to you 48 hours in advance BEFORE the class starts.

Absence: If you miss your original registered zoom class, please watch "recorded zoom video" as your make-up. 

NO other class link provide for the make-up.

Upcoming Meetings
03/10/21    10:00 AM Wednesday 03/10/21 10:00 AM
03/17/21    10:00 AM Wednesday 03/17/21 10:00 AM